Today Class 3 began extending their knowledge of Chemistry by exploring how much sugar can be added to water before it becomes ‘saturated’ and investigating how the temperature of the water effects the results.

Our final DARE session

This morning Class 3 have finalised their DARE reports and have worked collaboratively to prepare their DARE graduation ceremony for this afternoon; they are now enjoying their final session with Officer Brewer. We look forward to welcoming our families to school at 1.30pm when we will share all the information and skills we have learned.

Our final DARE session with Officer Brewer

Our final DARE session with Officer Brewer

Pupils as Teachers Day

Mr Bambridge has organised a very interesting starter for his first session in Class 3. Here we are researching our dream jobs and explaining to others who inspires us…

A very warm welcome to Class 3

During transition week, we enjoyed welcoming the Year 5s to be into Class 3. We discussed the Magna Carta and then created a ‘Magnificent Charter’ of our own which I will look forward to putting on display in September. Special thanks to Ethan, who brought in some extra information from home to share with me the next day; what a fantastically engaged learner!

Amy and Alex’s report

This week In class 3 it has been quite unusual because the year 6’s have been on transition to there future schools.

Monday the year 4’s came in to class 3 just to try out their new class and make some new friends ,which I think they enjoyed .

As Miss Sharpe as been away for her new arrival however she came on Tuesday and did some art with us we had to,  make a face as if we were on a roller coaster and trays it then colour it with pastels .

Year 5’s RE learning  had a sharing focus. Together they planned, baked and prepared a feast to share with the year 4 pupils each inviting a friend. Holly thought that the year 4’s would enjoy ‘a taste’ of what it will be like to be in class 3 next year.

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Non-chronological reports about Alton Towers

We have been very busy this morning producing non-chronological reports about the theme park Alton Towers. Pupils have selected their own layout, including text boxes and sub-headings for paragraphs, and they have made effective use of their ICT skills to combine their writing with a photograph printed from their internet research.

DARE has begun and we’ve made an outstanding start

I was very proud of the maturity shown by our Year 5 and 6 pupils this week during their first DARE session; indeed, Dare Officer Brewer commented on their excellent questions and the level of interest they showed in the course. I am sure we will learn lots over the next few weeks, as well as developing the skills which we need to help us when faced with difficult decisions.


Through the inspiration of the book ‘The man who walked between the towers’ by Mordicai Gernstein, Class 3 have: converted and scaled measurements, drawn nets and constructed accurate 3D shapes. Their learning about balanced forces has also been extended. image imageimage